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Fitness inspiration !


So I was reading Chloe Morello's blog today, and she had this great post of just pictures that inspire her to be fit. If you want to check out that post go here : http://www.chloemorello.com/2012/09/fitness-inspiration.html

SOOO anyways, I thought I would make my own. These amazing photos DO NOT belong to me, and I wish I could source them, but I don't even know where their originally from ): they're mostly just popular photos that I found online, so if they're yours CONGRATS YOU'RE HOT AS FUCK. 

I know I know, I should love my body, and stop comparing it to all these photos... BUT I want you all to know that I DO love my body, and that's why I want to better it ! There's always room for improvement !
I hope you guys are feeling as inspired as I am ! Now get your butt off the computer and go DO SOMETHING ! (: 

until next time my lovlies, 

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  1. Ohh wow~~ They have such amazing bodies omg, i really need to get up and do some work outs lol, but most of the time i decide to go for something to eat instead hehe ;P



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