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I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever ): 
It's finals season and I've just been getting slammed final after final after final. 
Luckily I've actually done pretty well in all of my finals , and my last one is tomorrow so I will be FREEEEEE soon, and I promise I will get up some quality blog posts after that. 

If you really wanted to see pictures of what I spent the majority of my time doing lately, it would be a million pictures of books, notes, my laptop and a fuckload of coffee. 
BUT, who wants to see that. I know I'm sick of that image. 
So instead, here's a little update on my life between my finals. 

1. I spent a day helping my friend out for her makeup midterm at Blanche Macdonalds. In return, she treated me to getting my nails done ! I haven't had my nails done in a ridiculously long time, so I feel pretty good with my little red claws. It was a pretty damn great day overall, pretty much got pampered all day. 
2 + 3 . With no where to go other than out to coffee shops to medicate myself with caffeine, I started to go a little insane. The cure for that? put on make up as if I was going out even when all I was doing that day was studying. 
4. I visited the SFU Surrey campus for the first time. Prior to that I had no idea that it was in a mall ! It's soooo damn beautiful.

So all of the above pictures happened in one night. The night started out as a planned girls night. Cathleen, Kimmi and I (shown in the bottom right picture) decided to go out to Nero's and grab some waffles for dessert. And then some how we ended up going to Celebs nightclub for a bit. Hence the pink lighting in that same picture. I was NOT planning to go out that night especially since I had work the next morning. BUT after dropping Kimmi off at home because she needed to get home, Cathleen and I were already in the mood for clubbing sooooo we went to Fortune Sound club . LOL. 
That's where the bottom left picture comes into play. One of our friends was DJing there for this event he created called Rap Book Club. He was playing all J.Cole songs that night. And the icing on top of the cake? Mr. Carmack was also playing at fortune, so it ended up being a bomb ass night. 
Oh and the dude in the top right picture is my favorite bouncer EVER. His name is Teddy and I adore him. 

I promise I'll get some review posts and what not soon ! 
Love you guys so much, 

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx