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Monday morning was a chill one this week. I was planning on going to Yoga in the morning, but I got sick over the last 2 days (how am I always sick? I have no idea) and woke up with a splitting headache so I decided against it. I ended up just lighting up my candle and just working on a new little project that I've started. I'll share the project with you guys soon, but for now it's going to stay a secret. 

This is one of my favorite candles at the moment. I wanted to buy it for the longest time during the winter, but it finally went on clearance at target so of course I had to pick it up. 
It's quite similar to the Black Tie candle from Bath and Body Works (which is one of my favorite candles of ALL TIME) in the sense that it is a deep, woodsy, manly scent that kind of resembles a cologne. I love these scents, especially for my home. 

I'm currently taking a class right now at school that teaches you about blogging and how to maximize your efforts on it and how to potentially build a business out of it. I'm really interested in growing my youtube channel and my blogging into something bigger. 

This is my little safe haven right now. I haven't really left this spot much all day. 

I'll try to post again soon, I have some cooking stuff I wanna share with you guys sometime soon. 

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  1. sorry you've been sick, hope you get well soon!


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