About angelzhng

 What I love about blogs is that you get a glimpse into someone else's mind and world. It's like an invite to take a gander into the author's most beautiful memories, and most creative ideas. Blogs do an amazing job at representing what is going on in someone's head. The best part about it is that you will be able to perceive those thoughts exactly how the thinker wants you to see it. Whether that is done by the visual aspects (colour scheme, pictures, layouts) or by the textual content (what they write; poems, entries etc.) it is like a doorway to someone's world.

So what's there to know about me?

Well honestly, not much. I'm 18 years young, living in the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver. I'm currently a first year communications student at Simon Fraser University. I would've rather gone to UBC.. but I didn't. I aspire to be a PR with my communications degree, but now-a-days, I'm confused at how it will get me there. This blog started as a beauty blog; an addition to my youtube channel. However, some where down the road, I started talking about other things. About my life. And then all of a sudden, this blog has turned into a full-fledged projection of my life.
I kind of prefer it this way though.

I'm not going to say much more. As cliche as it sounds, I'm going to let the blog do the rest of the talking. I mean, since it is a little bit of everything now, the best way to get to know who I am is to well..... read my blog (:

Hope you guys enjoy it,