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There's something about brunch food that just holds a special place in my heart. Something about the time of day and the type of food you eat just also makes it 100 times better than Lunner. But then again, I think it's just the breakfast food part of the mix that really does it for me. 
Anyways, lately I've been brunching. Twice. In two days. But then again, if I had the choice and could support my addiction financially, I would probably have brunch every single day. 

One of the places I went to was Medina Cafe. I've seen instagram pictures tagged Medina Cafe before, but for some reason it never really sparked my interest enough to go try it out. I honestly didn't even know it was a popular brunch place. I just thought it was just another super popular hipster cafe. 
Which really, that's kinda what it is. Just with like food as well. 
I didn't realize just HOW popular this place was until we got there and had to wait an hour for a table for two. Crazy right? 
Yes it was pretty delicious, but I don't think it's a place that I would frequent. 
One , the wait is craaaaazy. I thought Jethro's was bad... this is worst. 
Two, it's quite pricey. Our brunch between two people came out to a little over 50 bucks. like WUUUUUUUT. 
And I'm not saying the food wasn't good nor worth the money. But I rarely like to splurge on food, and if I'm paying 18 dollars for a dish, it's usually a pasta or something. But for brunch? 18 dollars for a dish? noooo thank you. 
Maybe that's just me being stingy though. 
I'm definitely also not saying I wouldn't come again. I loved everything about my visit, it's just not somewhere I would regularly visit for brunch. 
The picture above this little blurb is of what my friend got. The Fricasée I think it was good. SOOO good. It's a Beef shortrib dish that's marinated in this tomato sauce, with arugula and two fried eggs on top. 

I got the Asado, which has got peppers and chimichurri beef on top of a grilled ciabatta, and arugula and onions and peppers on the other piece. And then that little bowl in the middle has a blue potato salad. 
I really enjoyed my meal as well, minus the potato salad, but I definitely much preferred his meal. Those short ribs doe,...

For drinks I decided to try their Root Beer Float. It comes with earnest ice cream, but it was only okay. For 7 dollars.. I wasn't impressed. 
Their coffee was good though. 

The other place I visited was Jethro's. This wasn't my first time at Jethro's. I've come once before when I was still dating my ex. I ordered the exact same thing that I did as the first time I came. 

What's most memorable for me about Jethro's is definitely their pancakes. You can either get a half stack which comes with two pancakes, or a full stack which is 4. 
Doesn't seem like a lot when you just read about it, but these pancakes aren't your typical pancakes.
These pancakes are the fluffiest, most yummy pancakes you'll ever have. 
I mean just LOOOK at how fat and fluffy they are. UNF. 
Their honestly the best pancakes I've ever had. I prefer them greatly over the classic thin pancakes that is usually served at breakfast places. 
The other dish I ordered (that I order at ever brunch place as long as it's on the menu) is the Eggs Benedict. 
I need you guys to understand, I've had a lot of eggs benedicts in my short 19 years of life. I LITERALLY will order it where ever I am as long as it's an option. Like you do not understand my love for eggs bennies. 
And I will always order a plain, classic one. No crazy Santa Fe bennie for me, no. I will never change it up LOL. Just a classic bennie for me please. 
The eggs bennie at Jethro's is pretty good. I like the ham that they use with it, as well as the fact that the egg is poached just enough so that the yolk is still runny when you cut into it. SO PERFECT. Their hollandaise sauce is also classic and delicious if you were wondering. 
I LOVE their potatoes. They are amazing. Some places mess up the potatoes sometimes and it makes me angry because it is an essential part of a eggs benedict dish for me. 

Our table full of eggs bennies. 

Honestly, I highly recommend you checking out both of these places. Jethro's more so, just because it's a reasonable price for AMMMAZING brunch food. But Medina Cafe as well. Both of them have great vibes to them. Different , but both awesome. and both well worth checking out. 

I'll leave both their websites here so you can check them out. 

More soon , 

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