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Adventure #4 : Lynn Canyon


So earlier, in August, my friend's parisian boyfriend came to vancouver to visit her. That's the cool couple there, in the picture, and then there's me lookin extra not cool LOL. ANYWAYS, one day we decided to go visit Lynn Canyon and show him some of the beautiful nature of vancouver ! Surprisingly, (or unsurprisingly) enough, I haven't been there either so it was kinda a touristy day for all of us. 

Yeah, you can barely see my face, but here's the bridge ! It was pretty wobbly and high up, but I'm usually okay with these things. I enjoyed it quite a lot actually. 

And here's a little taste of the little river (: It was a cute place ! I feel like we only got to explore a very small part of it, but it was still a great time (: there were actually people jumping off rocks into the waters at one part and others were just lying on large boulders tanning. Definitely considering going there again next summer, but for now, I'll just reminisce (:

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx