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Adventures #8 : SFU school life


I got some amazing pictures of my school today, and I thought I would share some with you ! Here's a little sneak peak of how charming my school could be (when it isn't complete dreary)

This is a little walk way on top of our main area which is the Convocation Mall. Was hanging out with a friend (the guy on the right) before class, and saw the perfect opportunity to snap a pic.

On our way to the dining hall buffet, I saw this little open space. It's not really anything special space, just a connecting area but it looked pretty awesome with the blue sky white cloud back drop. 
And incase you were wondering what I ate at said dining hall....

YUMS. gotta say, our school has got some great food. I sat at this buffet for like 3 hours so I pretty much had a little taste of everything, but my favourites today were definitely the chicken nuggets, the pita bread and spinach dip/bruschetta combo, and the curly fries with gravy.... *absolutely foodgasmic*

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