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Adventures #6 : Clubbing in Toronto (OPIUM)


AND NO, I do not mean opium the drugg... Opium is the name of the club I went to. It seems like it's a pretty small club from the outside, but it was BUMPIN. (is it lame that I say bumpin??)
So this club had two levels; the first level was mostly asians and it was blasting EDM music. Pretty awesome right? The second level you ask? EVEN BETTER. It was filled with mostly caucasian and african americans... and BLASTING HIPHOP. 
As much as I wanted to be on the second level, I refrained from completely embarrassing myself, and stuck to the status quo :b

My VERY asian friends

This here is my lovely brother figure (: I grew up with him and his brother; he's like family. 

My "brother" and my half sister (:

If you ever are in Toronto , definitely check OPIUM out (: 

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