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Adventure #2 : UBC sunset


Sunsets at UBC never fails to amaze me, I think that's part of the reason I want to go there so bad. I feel like the entire campus is an adventure within itself, waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, I do not get to use this beautiful campus for my educational pursuits, but that doesn't stop me from going there anyways!
One of my favorite places that I've discovered in the UBC area is wreck beach. It really is a beauty, and I recommend to anyone that lives in vancouver that hasn't visited it yet, to find a good day and make the trip down there. You probably won't see any naked bodies soaking up the sun in this season, so if you don't want to see more balls than you'll ever need to see in your life, this is your time. 

Another spot that's quite close to wreck beach is this little diamond in the rough. I'm not going to even try to explain how to get to it, (mostly because I'll just sound like an idiot) but if you can find it, lucky you. It's this tiny little cliff/peak area that allow you see pretty much the whole horizon. It really is a special place. 
Just because you don't attend school at UBC, doesn't mean you can't explore the area ! If you're ever having a boring ol' day and you just need to take a walk, do it at UBC (: it's gorgeous, I promise. 

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