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Out with the old, and in with the new !


Happy new years everyone ! I hope everyone is having had an amazing new years eve and is also having a very good first day of the year. I know I am ! 
2012 has been a long one. One with plenty of unhappy memories and unhappy times, but I'm not going to lie, there were some good ones too. Here's some great ones that deserves a mention ! 

(1) Clubbing with Cathleen Sun, (2) Spending the summer with my older sister, (3) An awesome wedding with my "brothers", (4) My summer with him, (5) His prom, (6) Getting a tattoo with my besties, (7) Great views, (8) Grad photos with my girls, (9) Gastown adventure with my tourism class

There were plenty more amazing ones, but here are just some that stand out to me/ I have pictures for LOL

As for my new years eve? Well it didn't go exactly according to plan, but then again, when does it ever? But just because it didn't go according to plan, doesn't mean I didn't have a great one. I ended up just spending it with my boyfriend and his friends and it wasn't the rowdy night I had originally planned it to be, but yanno what? I had a blast still. 

Started the night with my bestieee
Ended the night with these chill boyyyys

yaaaaaa reeet

My new years kiss (:

As for my new years resolutions? 
2. keep working hard in school during second term and get into the universities I applied for
3. get a job ! 
4. Eat healthier, be healthier. 

That's it for now, but there will definitely be more to come. (it'd be kind of sad if those were my only goals :b)

anyways, sorry about this random personal post, I promise I'll get back right into making beauty related posts and videos as soon as I feel rested up (so probably tomorrow?) 
Thanks for visiting guys ! 

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx