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following through with my resolution..


ALRIGHTS, I think it's about time I actually DO what I say I'm going to do and what I've said I wanted to do for a while now....
I've such a lazy person that even I kinda chuckle at myself when I saying "I'm going to get fit", BUT YOU KNOW WHAT. It's a new year, and I want to be a new person. 
Even though I have to admit I have not started very strongly due to the fact that I've pretty much spent the first 3 days of the year lying around watching Breaking Bad and eating the chocolates leftover from the holidays... oops. 
But hey, give me a break. I'm still on my winter break and I plan to use every last second of it relaxing and mentally preparing myself for the amazing grades that I have to achieve for second term. And if that relaxation involves from delicious chocolate from Belgium.. SO BE IT. But I promise I'll eat it in moderation :b

Any who, I thought writing about and tracking my progress would be a smart idea. This way, I can feel worst about the months that I slack on, and work extra hard the months after ! Here are some pictures of my post-holiday body in all it's glory. And I know I'm not fat, I never said I was. And keep in mind I'm not trying to slim down, nooo thank you. I'm actually trying to bulk up, in the sense that I WANT TO BE TONED AND STRONG. 

My non-existent bum that I hope will look better once I start laying on the squats

My little tummy that needs to leave ! 

Side view of said tummy

Flexed tummy. Even flexed there is barely any definition @__@ god help me. 

Right (lack of) Bicep

Left (not even going to say bicep because there's actually nothing there)

My thighs


Disclaimer by the way, I know close to nothing about fitness and weight training and all that good stuff. I'm honestly still just learning about it myself, so I can't really help anyone ): sorry. But maybe I'll write about all the new things I learn along with my tracking so maybe it'll help out any of my buddies out there who are also just discovering and learning about fitness too ! 

I've been just reading different websites recently, and I'll list some links below to some of the readings I have been doing. Maybe they can help you out too. I'm going to start heading to my boxing gym as soon as next week rolls around and get my workout in again. Maybe going to ask one of my guy friends to help train me in the gym and get me started, I DON'T KNOW. We'll see. Boxing gym for sure though. 

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