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I got my braces off !


I thought this day would never come, but finally. January 15th 2013... I GOT MY BRACES OFF. It was honestly such an exciting moment for me. Did it hurt ? A little. But honestly just a little bit. It's because the dentist literally just tugs off each bracket, which by itself doesn't hurt at all. It's when he started tugging off my bands that's when it starting hurting. It felt like he was going to pull my tooth off ! But it honestly wasn't bad at all. I'm going in friday to get my retainers, (:



I still haven't quite figured out how to smile without braces yet, but i'll get there ! 

Another picture of my new (not so) pearly whites (: I was super excited taking this picture not gunna lie haha. 
I also went out today and bought the Crest 3D Gentle Whitening strips. I bought these instead of the normal ones just because I already have sensitive teeth so putting on some harsh whitening strips might just kill me. I heard these ones are perfect for people with sensitive teeth because it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all ! I tried them out today and they didn't make my teeth ache or anything. I'll do a review and a video about them once I either finish using them or start seeing results ! 

and of course I had to end the day with some red lipstick with my new brace-less teeth (:

If you have any questions about braces 
please ask them below and I'll answer ! 

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  1. Congratulations! You must be very excited to have it taken off. Your long wait and all your efforts to stick with your doctor’s advice are over. It’s absolutely worth the wait, am I right? You’re beautiful with or without braces though.


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