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Tutorial : Big Voluminous Bouncy Curls


I was requested by someone on tumblr for how I got my curls in this picture,

So I decided to make a video on it since I was going to sooner or later do one anyways ! One thing I want to make sure everyone keeps in mind is that I got a haircut ! So my hair is shorter now (by quite a little bit) than it was in that particular picture, so my curls look bouncier and shorter in the video. BUT I promise you I did my curls exactly as I would if I still had my longer hair !

I think it still looks pretty good though , on my slightly shorter hair ! 

So in this video I used the following tools and products:
Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray
Aussie Aussome Volume hairspray 
Pro Beauty Tools 1" Curl Wand 

You can purchase the Curling Wand I used here : http://www.probeautytools.com/pro-gold-wands-curlwand-pbir1876.cfm 

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