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VLOG + mini haul : BCBG


I was expecting this day to be one of those saturdays where I just stay in, chill in my pajamas, binge out on snacks and watch Breaking Bad and Vampire Diaries. But my mom actually told me randomly to go downtown with her to pick up this coat that she saw today at BCBG Max Azria. They didn't have the colour she wanted in her size so we drove downtown to go pick it up. It's this beautiful fitted Army Green Coat and I'm super glad she got it, because it is absolutely gorgeous. It was on sale and there was a additional 20% off all sale items so she splurged and bought it. 

Amongst us rummaging through all the racks quickly (because we hadn't paid our parking meter , figured we'd only be in there for a minute) I found this amazing little clutch wallet that was on sale. The original price was 140 something but it was on sale for $57. And then there was the magical extra 20% off the sale price so I ended up getting an mind-blowing deal on this little guy. I'm so extremely glad I got it, because my mom had purchased one of the Michael Kors iphone wristlets earlier this year, and ever since she's had it, I've been dying to go back to the states to buy one too because of how convenient it looks. 

This isn't the exact one that she has (her's wasn't snake skin, it was a glossy black design) but you get the idea. It's a little wristlet wallet that also fits your iphone. Fits three cards and has some larger slots for cash and such.

As much as I had fallen in love with this little number, I am 100 times more in love with my new BCBG wrislet. It is the same concept, iphone slot, larger slots, and 3 card slots but it also has a zip compartment for change and it's slightly bigger than the michael kors one. 

My new little baby. I love the duo colour, how it's black on the flap and strap and white for everything else. I am absolutely obsessed with it. 

Not only does it have a cute little flap but it also has a zip that goes all the way around so nothing is going to fall out of this wallet if you just throw it in your purse or wear it on your arm when you're shopping.

Here's what it looks like on the inside. Has a big slot that fits my iphone really well, and would even fit an iphone 5 because it is longer (the Michael Kors one barely fits the 5 because it was designed for the 4/4s). It's still empty in this picture because I hadn't filled it up yet, but it is now filled with my drivers license, my debit card and my scene card. Some cash, some change and two more cards.

I snatched the last new one they had in stock at the BCBG Max Azria on Robson street but if you could find one near you, I definitely suggest you pick it up. It's definitely WAY worth the sale price and it's super convenient and cute. 

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