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MAC Spring 2013 Archie's Girls Collection


I've been a fan of the triangle love story that is Archie's Comics since I was a little girl. It was cheap to buy, easy to read and just so darn adorable and hilarious. Choosing between Veronica and Betty was even hard for me. Betty was the sweet girl next door. So pretty, pure and simple. You can't NOT love her. But then there was Veronica... The sexy, beautiful rich daddy's girl. She was something bad but who didn't want to BE her ? When I saw that MAC was coming out with a line dedicated to them, I absolutely died. 

The Fafi X MAC collection ):
There's only been 2 other collections that I lusted after (but was not able to get) and it was the Fafi Collection and the Hello Kitty Collection. Finally they've got a new collection out of something I've loved every since I was small, and now that I actually HAVE a bit of money to spend, I've decided I'm going to snatch up one or two of these lipsticks !


Hello Kitty Collection

(left to right) Daddy's Little Girl, Ronnie Red, Boyfriend Stealer, Mall Madness, Strawberry Malt, Feelin' So Good.
(left to right) Girl Next Door, Betty Bright, Oh, Oh, Oh, Summer Sweetheart, Stay Sweet, Kiss & Don't Tell

I think it's abolutely adorable how they separated the colours into "Betty" colours, and "Veronica" Colours. For me? I think I'll be choosing two only (20 dollars a lipstick?! that's a week's lunch money for me ): ) and as of right now, I think I like either Daddy's Little Girl, Ronnie Red, Boyfriend Stealer, or Betty Bright. I seem to be leaning more to Veronica now that I'm a little bit more grown up ( I definitely used to be pro Betty) and plus I think the colours in Veronica's line would suit me more. I'd still have to go in stores and just swatch them all first, but those four are going to be the ones I'm leaning towards.

All these pictures are from Temptalia.com , They have a whole post dedicated to this new spring collection so I'll link them here: http://www.temptalia.com/mac-archies-girls-collection-for-spring-2013
They have the prices to all the products and pictures of the whole collection (not just the lipsticks like I'm showing)

Are you guys planning to check out the new Archie's Girls collection?
Which lipstick colour is your favorite?

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