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A lot of my favorite youtube gurus have done this tag, and while being entertaining, the what's on my iphone tag was actually one of those videos that I actually got something out of.  There were a lot of apps that I actually downloaded after I watched these tags and have been using them since . 
Idk, I just thought I would make a post that's a little bit different, and do it on the What's On My Iphone Tag ! I've been wanting to make this video for a while anyways, so yeah ! hope you enjoy ! 

So here's my lock screen and i just have a little man playing the trumpet while riding his bike. I thought it would be a cute wall paper. 

So on my home page, I have my utility apps, most of which are the ones that come with the iphone. Except for Evernote.

So what Evernote is, is a notes/sharing app where you can write notes post pictures yada yada and share it to all your devices (that have the evernote app). I use this to type a lot of my notes on because I have the app on my macbook, and so when I'm on the go, I can study the notes as well because they'll automatically sync to my phone ! Best part about this awesome app? ITS FREE

Anyways, on the next page of my iphone is my Social networks page. And it's pretty self explanatory, I've got all my social media apps such as facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, blogger, snapchat and all those good stuff. Most of these apps are quite commonly seen and well known , but I guess I'll go over a few that you might not have heard about.

So first, there's Songza. Songza is one of those apps where there are billions of built in playlists that are made for different aspects of your life. For example here you can see that it's saturday night (why am I home? well cause I'm a loser) and there are playlists for Putting on Your Party Dress, Bed Time, A Sweaty Dance Party, Pre-gaming With Friends, and Love and Romance. Then in each of these categories, there are more choices and those choices are usually genres of music. Then once you select your genre of music, it'll give you 3 more choices of different playlists in that genre of music and click it and voila, you've got a perfect play list for the occasion you chose it for ! 

So next app that I think is worth mentioning is the app Craftgawker. If you've ever been on the Craftgawker website you'll know exactly what it is, because it's pretty much just an app version of it for your smart phone. So if you haven't been on the website, here's what it is. It's pretty much a collection of different crafts that you can do and on your dashboard page on the app, it'll show you a bunch of different pictures of cool craft ideas. Once you find one you like, you can click into it and it'll take you to the blog or website that wrote about the craft and you can read the article on how to make the craft yourself ! I love these sort of artsy things (even though I never actually do them) but it's nice to have at your fingertips for those days that you're feeling extra crafty. I'll put the website link here : http://craftgawker.com/

So next page after my social media page is just a page filled with a bunch of categories with different apps in them. 

First tab is my Tools tab and in here I have apps like horoscopes, urbanspoon, transit, cragislist etc. Those are all pretty self explanatory. 

Next tab contains just health apps such as my Nike Training Camp app which is a workout app that helps you workout (gives you different workouts and such) and also Pepperplate which is a recipe app. 

After that I have my Games app and inside there I have a few puzzle games such as flow free and word seek then I have some other games like Call of Duty Zombies, Doodlejump, Fruit Ninja etc. 

The tab after that is just my accounts tab where I have a mobile banking app, paypal app, my rogers app (for my phone), another youtube thing that takes me to a safari page of my channel and this app called TimePlay. Time play is this cool new thing that the scotia theatre is doing corresponding with their scene program. Learn more about that here : http://www.cineplex.com/Promos/TimePlay.aspx

Okay, we're almost done so bare with me. Next tab is the most uninteresting and it's just all the other apps that came with the phone that I don't use very often. MOVING ON. 

My last tab is probably one of my favorites and it's all my photo editing apps ! I've got two apps for stitching my pictures together : pic collage and instacollage. Then I have Line Camera which is great for whether you wanna take a picture OR edit a picture and make it very adorable. Then timercam which is exactly what the name suggests. A camera with a timer. then FotoRus which makes Gifs. Snapseed which is a crazy photo editing tool that gives you a million things to do to the photo. and of course, my favorite, LightPic which adds that cool Bokeh effect to your photos that make it extra adorable. 

Alrights ! we made it ! that's my What's On My Iphone Tag. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope it gave you a few ideas on what apps you might need to go download or that might be useful to you. 

Thanks so much for visiting guys ! 

Do you have an Iphone? 
If so, what are your favorite apps?

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx