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Review : Chanel MOUSSE DOUCEUR


So here's my first beauty product review, and it's on a pretty high end skincare product.
Chanel Mousse Douceur Rinse-off Foaming Mousse Cleanser, Balance and Anti-Pollution. 
This is actually one of the first Chanel skincare product that I have ever used. I mean, $45 for a cleanser? NAH. But the reason I got this is because something has been breaking me out lately and I coincidently just finished my Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Cleanser and my mom (being the awesome mother that she is) decided to treat us both to something a little better. ANYWAYS
The description of this cleanser on the Chanel website says : A rinse-off foaming mousse cleanser and makeup remover for normal-to-combination skin with the de-polluting power of Tulip Tree Extract and the emollient properties of Mallow Extract. Gently purifies while respecting skin's eco-balance, with moisturizing effects.

What I'm not quite understanding, is why this cleanser is called a foaming mousse cleanser. When squeezed out of the tube it is pearlescent white cream that holds it shape well. I wouldn't really consider it a moussey consistency though. However, I completely understand why the word foaming was thrown in there because that's really what it feels like on the skin. This cleanser lathers like a dream and "foamy" is really the best way to describe it. Honestly, how it feels on your face fits that description even better than my Aveeno cleanser despite it being legitimately a foaming cleanser (as in it's a foam consistency when pumped out). 

Another thing I noticed about this cleanser is that it really does make my face feel completely clean. I think this is the first cleanser I have ever used that resulted to my face LITERALLY being "squeaky clean". It leaves no feeling of leftover residue like some cleansers feel and it makes my face feel almost.. purified? I also do have VERY dry skin (like to the point where it can get flaky at places during the winter) and MOST cleansers dry out my skin more. Mousse Douceur does not. I wouldn't say it leaves it moisturized but it definitely doesn't dry it out. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. 
Mousse Douceur is a perfumed cleanser, but the scent is definitely not overwhelming at all and is actually quite soft and enjoyable. I usually don't like it when my cleansers smell too strongly but this one is perfect. 

Now down to the big question.... is it worth $45? 
WELL, $45 is definitely a lot of money to spend on a face cleanser BUT, the tube is ginormous and the amount of product is quite generous. One tube can definitely last you a couple of months (given that you don't use a unreasonable amount everyday). It honestly really is as good as the reviews say, and it really does do its job amazingly. 

I have to say though, a lot of cleansers, with much lower prices, do their jobs well too so..... 
Let's just say, ask for this in your christmas/birthday wishlist (or treat yourself to it when you've been good) and just try it out. It really is worth the try. Switch it up between days with your regular cleanser and treat your skin to this one every other day. Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with it like I have and decide it's worth it? 


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