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December Favorites !


Well the month's coming to an end, which means it's time I hash out some favorites so maybe you guys can get an idea on some new purchases from the things that I'm currently lovin. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a december favorites video yet, but if I do, I'll definitely either update this post with that video or make a new post featuring just that video. But for now, it's just going to be a written post for now !

I only have 5 beauty favorites this month, but I have some of those random favorites like candles, ornaments and what not so yeup ! Starting with the beauty favorites.. 

First I have my BHcostmetics 88 Matte Palette. I have been wanting this palette for literally years now, but I just never took the initiative and ordered it. However, in early November, my friend called me up randomly one night and asked me if I still wanted the palette because she was planning to order one and said she could order one for me too. And of course, without hesitation, I said yes ! They were having a sale at the time too so it was a great chance for me to get the palette. 
I definitely have not even been close to trying out all the colours yet, but I'm getting to it ! I'm excited to create some more colourful looks with it (so far I've only experimented with the Dark green and the Pink/Purple range.) Anyways, this was definitely a great purchase and one of my favorites of December if not of the whole year. 

Next I have two fall/winter lipsticks, both from Maybelline. I've been obsessed with Maybelline lipsticks in general lately. The colour selection, the formula.. Everything about them has been just perfect for me. I have no idea why I haven't tried them before, but I'm so glad I have found them and I don't think I'm going to be getting a different brand of lipstick for a while ! 

The first shade is the one I purchased first and it's Blissful Berry. I was trying to find a good dark plummy shade for the colder months and I picked this one up at first. After using it for a while I realized I wanted an even darker shade then this one for the winter. Don't get me wrong, I still loved this colour regardless . It's a beautiful true berry colour, but when I bought this lipstick, I was aiming for a more dark and vampy colour....

So then I went out and picked up Deepest Cherry. Deepest Cherry was what I was looking for when I bought Blissful Berry. Its a dark, rosey, wine colour that when you build up, can look beautifully vampy. I am absolutely loving the dark lip for the winter so this is right up my alley. 

My fourth beauty product (the lipsticks count as two) that I have been loving lately is this soft brown colour from my Smash Box In Bloom palette. 

I used to use this colour to fill in my brows, but lately I've rediscovered it and started to use it as a blending colour in my crease, or just as a soft crease colour for my everyday look. It's a great colour for everyday because it's soft enough that it can look extremely natural and pretty in the crease yet still give your eyes the dimension it needs. I absolutely love it, and it's a very versatile colour. 

So the last beauty item I have in the post is my travelo ! I've actually only recently purchased this but I started loving it the day I brought it home. It's so useful, and so extremely convenient. I filled it up with this Guess perfume (not sure what the name is) and have been carrying it in my purse everyday. I bought my mom one as well, and she loves it just as much as I do. Think I can safely say that it really is just an amazing product since most of the beauty world seems to be loving it !

So onto the non-beauty related items.
First I have a candle to share with you, and this is my Winter Night candle from the Bath and Body Works White Barn collection. I am in LOVE with this candle, it smells amazing and I have been burning it all winter. This is actually my second jar of it and I'm just not getting sick of it. Another candle I loved and burnt up is the Fireside candle. Also just the perfect winter scent for cuddling up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. mmmmmm.... 
After that I have my mini christmas tree that I have up in my room that I bought from Daiso. My family is quite Asian in our traditions so we don't have a tree, but I couldn't stand the thought of Christmas without a christmas tree so I set up a small one in my room to make myself feel better. I think I might keep this tree up all year round just because that's how much I love christmas. 
Anyways, I wanted to share with you the two ornaments my boyfriend bought me for christmas ! I originally had only asked him for the Gold one but he ended up being perfect, and getting me both. (:
I absolutely ADORE these ornaments because 1. I LOVE starbucks, and 2. I LOVE the starbucks holiday cups/drinks and since they aren't here all year round, I have a ornament to hang on my little tree so I can see it all the time. I'm so happy he got them for me, so thanks b  ;)

Alright, we're finally coming to the end of this post, and my last favorite of this month is this little clay charm that my little sister made me ! My little sister has been getting into making this awesome little clay charms lately, and she's REALLY good at it. Then again, I'm not that surprised since she's always been a very artistic little girl. Earlier this year, she made me an adorable pink macaroon charm that I have sitting in my jewelry box. 

This time, she made me this little moon and star cell phone charm thing ! I think it's adorable and I am very thankful for her and this little charm. Since I have an iphone, there wasn't really a place on my phone for me to hang it, so I decided to hang it on my wallet ! That way I can always have it with me (:

Anyways guys, thanks so much for visiting ! 
Much love, 

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx