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West Elm Market !


Walking along south Granville with my boothang, and we found this cute little shop called West Elm Market. Being the instagram whore that I am, (yes I said it) I've actually seen quite a few pictures of this place but never really thought to check it out. 
The place was beautifully decorated, all stocked with nifty little kitchen supplies and cute decorations. Not to mention the scent of the place when you first walk on... oh man... beauty. It's really quite the delicate little shop and if you haven't already, should most DEFINITELY check it out. 
It's actually got two stores on granville just two shops away from each other. One is a smaller store that contains a cafe inside that serves deliciously made drinks and pastries. The other one, the larger store, just sells home goods and other little deco things. 

Whilst rummaging through all the amazingly packaged and marketed kitchen goods I found this little trophy. Any one else read the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey? Don't deny it, I know you have too. (and loved every second of Ana and Christian's love story). Well FL Fowler here had the great idea of basing an entire cookbook for chicken on the novel. Described as "A young, free-range chicken and a dominating, ravenous chef. A naughty tale of fowl play" how could I have possibly resisted picking this book up and burying my nose in it. But in all honestly though, if you don't mind a little dirty humor and you LOVE cooking (or know someone that fits that description), pick this little dime up for them. Who knows, maybe they'll be so thankful for the hilarious book that you guys get involved in a little foul play yourselves ;) 

Here's one of the signs hung up in the store (: I thought it was absolutely adorable. As you can see the shop is decorated perfectly, with the most holiday themed complimentary colours. It felt so homely and warm and just... nice. It was all just so nice. 

Also picked up some yummy drinks from their cafe. I got the peppermint mocha to celebrate the festive spirit, and yogi got the cafe au lait. I loved my drink, but his was a little bitter for my taste :S he loved it tho apparently (yuck)

 Went to check out their other store afterwards and saw these little gems (: I personally love snowglobes are these are right up my alley. They had some other really cool stuff too like wooden apple keyboards and things made out of mercury glass. If I had the extra cash (and a place to decorate) I would definitely drop by here.

But yeah, that pretty much completes this little adventure (: end you guys off with a picture of beautiful raincity. When we have nice days they're usually absolutely gorgeous. Gotta love this place sometimes. 

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