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Holiday update !


So so far my holidays have been amazing (: and since i've been snapping some photos here and there, thought I'd share with you guys my holidays so far through pictures (:

baked pillsbury christmas cookies with khayla (: We accidentally left them in the oven a couple minutes too long which burnt the bottom a little bit. But some how the cookies tasted even better with the burnt taste to them ! She let me have some eggnog and oh man... was it ever delicious. 

So the past weekend, I went to whistler with my student club on a ski trip. We went for two and a half days and two nights. Sadly I only got to board one of the days because I hurt my knee pretty badly on the last run on the first day. Whistler snow was crazy powdery, and I was not used to it at all. It actually made it really difficult to board, at least for me. Anyways, here's yogi looking cute as nuts sitting next to a giant fireplace. 

The first night we were there, there was a lot of snow fall. probably why the snow was so extremely thick and powdery the next day, but it was a beautiful sight (: whistler village is so beautiful with all it's lights and everything. Absolutely loved it there. 

After we boarded the first day, our senior advisor treated yogi and me to a spa day ! We went to scandinave spa in whistler. It was the nicest little retreat spa place, nestled in the snowy forest. from the parking lot, you have to walk through a small distance of trees to reach the main building.

We didn't get massages or anything just because it would've costed way too much money. So we let our senior advisor go for massages while we chilled in the baths area. there were a lot of different choices of things to enjoy in the baths area. Sauna, hot tubs, cold tubs, solarium, hammock, steam baths, steam rooms etc. The people at the spa suggested that we do the relaxation cycle which was warming the body, either through the hot tub, sauna or steam rooms, then rinsing the body for 20-30 seconds in either the cold pools, or a cold shower. And then relaxing for minimum of 15 minutes in either the solarium, the hammocks, or by the outdoor fireplace (which was my personal favourite). It felt absolutely AMAZING after a day of boarding, and all my muscles felt instantly better. 

Here's us sitting next to the outdoor fireplaces, relaxing, after finishing our first cycle. 
Of course we did a lot of eating during the trip as well, but I'm gunna leave the food out to do separate posts about. Here's some pictures of yogi and I, and cat and I at the restaurants though. 

After we came back from whistler, yogi and I finally did our little gift exchange and he FINALLY opened the gift that I got him. took him long enough >>
I got to open my gift as well and he got me THE NAKED 3 PALETTE. 
I was absolutely ECSTATIC. you have no idea. I would've definitely not bought it for myself especially not any time soon, so I'm super happy that he got it for me (: it is absolutely GORGEOUS and i'm super in love with it (:

After our gift opening, we headed over to his aunt's house for dinner (: this isn't the first time I've met his aunt and uncle, but it's the first time that I've actually sat down and had a meal with them. It was a little bit awkward, mostly because I wasn't very talkative. I mean first time sitting down eating with them (plus I was absolutely exhausted) what do you expect? But they were both really nice, and I loved getting to know them a little more. Not to mention his aunt is an AMAZING cook and made the yummiest pesto pasta and salmon for dinner. 

And then as if my life wasn't happy enough as it is, my family friends came back for the holidays ! I love these guys, I've grown up with them so they're practically my siblings to me. I missed them so much through the year and I finally get to see them altogether again (: 
Having them around is like the perfect icing to my holiday cake (:

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx