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Christmas Meow


First time in a while that I've gotten my nails done. It just got a little too expensive to keep up with and i had way better things to spend it on (aka food) BUT my manager introduced me to this place right by my work called Modern Nails. 
She gets a set of acrylic for around 30 bucks. Usually I do get gel instead of acrylic because everyone tells me how much better it is but I decided to try out acrylic this time since it's so cheap for a new set as well as being only 20 bucks for a fill. 
So what it is pretty much is an acrylic base and just plain OPI nail polish on top. My manager said for her nails even though it's normal nail polish, it still lasts her 2 weeks. 
I'll let you know how it goes, I'm a little skeptical that they won't chip but we shall see. 
Here's a link for the find here page for modern nails.http://findhere.ca/vancouver/modern-nails-broadway
For all my vancouverites go check it out (: I highly recommend them. The address and phone number are both on the link above. 
So far so good though, the ladies are lovely, they did exactly what I asked for, they were super efficient, and my nails actually came out better than I imagined ! 
I'll snap a picture of it in two weeks or so or before I get a fill (:
Until then! 

Toodaloo (:

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