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Iphone Cases


So I have recently become old enough for the great responsibility of a credit card.. 
Which really... wasn't such a good idea. But thankfully I have a job to pay it off as well as a boyfriend that controls my spending. 
But anyways, I've been shopping on ebay a lot (mostly just because it is so so easy to buy things...) and I got a whole bunch of new iphone 5 cases. 
Here's one of them that I bought and I thought it was totally appropriate to use because it matches my new claws oh so well. 
The case is pretty good quality; sturdy and looks amazing. 
and I mean, for a couple of dollars (compared to the completely overpriced cases that you get from the apple store), it was pretty worth it. 
Thought I would leave you guys with a link so you can go check out these mad deals as well ;)

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