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Hitoe Sushi


Hitoe Sushi || 3347 W4th Ave || (778) 371-4619
Tried this cute little sushi place over break when my older sister came to vancouver to surprise me. It on W4th west of Arbutus st. At first, looking at the menu, I was a little bit surprised. They had mostly special rolls and only a very small amount of basic sushi rolls. however, I later found out this is because their special rolls.... absolutely amazing. The roll shown above is the spicy california roll. I can't even begin to explain to you how delicious this roll was. It definitely was the most unique (but plenty delicious) variation of a california roll I've ever had. 
If you're looking for a new little sushi joint, definitely check out hitoe. They do accept reservations, and the store front is quite small, so might be a good idea to call in first. 

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