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Review : Justfab Jade Bag


So since i've really cut down on my makeup spending, but I still wanna be reviewing stuff for this blog, I've decided I'm gunna review my justfab purchase !

I do purchase from justfab often-ish, (this is my 4th purchase i think) so might as well let you guys now how the quality and everything is. 
So the first review is on the Justfab Jade bag. I got this bag mainly because it reminded me a lot of the Prada Saffiano tote which I can not afford for the life of me. It has the same general layout... big middle pouch in the middle, two zippered compartments on the sides. It's a tote but it's also got a detachable longer strap for if you wanted to wear it cross body. 
Here's what the bag looks like on the website.

I don't have too many complaints on this bag.. I mean for 40 bucks I wasnt expecting some prada level quality but I can't lie when I say that the picture on the website might be a little deceiving. 

First things first, the bag in the picture on the website looks much more structured than it really is. The material that it's actually made out of is actually quite a softer material... not something I was expecting. I expected the bag to atleast be able to stand up without slouching, but that was not the case. This isn't too big of a problem because once you fill it up enough, you can get it to stand pretty easily. But if you were expecting a hard and stiff material like the prada one, you might be a little alarmed. 

Another problem that comes with every bag that i've gotten from justfab so far is that when they ship the bag, they don't stuff the bag. The actually fold and flatten the bag which gives it a couple of creases here and there. That's also partially the reason why it can't stand by itself. You can definitely stuff the bag to take out the creases but just know that when you get it.. the bag will be creased. 

I've seen some really good quality bags come from justfab but I can't say that this is one of them. I mean for the price, it's pretty good but obviously the quality could be slightly better . I would say this bag is comparable to forever 21 quality. 

okay now let's talk about the pros. 

Although the quality may not be the best ever, this bag doesn't look cheap. I mean of course, if you examine it up close it does look like it's a cheaper material, but just looking at it overall, the bag looks nice. 

Also, having the same amount of pockets as the Prada Saffiano, it's a very versatile bag. The bag can carry a lot of things in it's middle compartment as well as it's two side pockets. However, because it is a softer material of a bag, you've gotta be careful when you fill it up not to put anything too big inside; It will look like something is jutting out of the bag. Most things fit okay in the middle pocket though. 
The sizing for this bag is very spacious, the middle pocket is actually big enough to carry a 15" Macbook pro. The side pockets won't fit a 15" though, because the opening, where the zippers are, is a little smaller than the opening of the middle. But you're in luck if you mostly just carry an ipad/tablet around, or even a 13" Macbook. Both these things will fit in this bag easily and you will still have plenty of room for everything else you need to carry (makeup bag, wallet, phone, keys, a book even? etc. )

Overall, I think for 40 dollars, this bag isn't bad at all. Although I wouldn't necessary go to forever 21 and spend 40 dollars on a bag, I definitely don't regret buying this bag. There are bags with much better quality on JustFab but generally speaking, this one definitely isn't one of the worst ones either. 
Rating out of ten? probably a 7. It's an average bag. You could do better, but you could definitely do a lot worst. 

Hope this was helpful (: and hope you guys are having an amazing day. 

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