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Le Crocodile


Being the angel that I am (get it... cause my name is Angel... harharhar) I decided to spend my two week pay cheque on a very nice dinner for my family. I let my mom decide which restaurant to eat at since the original idea was to take just her out. She told me about this little french restaurant that she ate at with one of her friends called "Le Crocodile". 
Le Crocodile is this little french place with $11 valet parking in downtown on Smithe off Burrad. It's pretty hidden actually, you wouldn't really expect to find a restaurant there but it's there. The food was pretty good, a little pricy in my opinion but it is a traditional french fine dining restaurant so I mean.... what do you expect. Anyways, I snapped pictures of some of the foods we ate that night.
sorry about the quality by the way, I'm not about to start lugging around a legit camera just to take pictures of food, so here's the second best thing... my iphone 5s camera ! :D

Escargots Maison
Snails baked in Pastry “Shells” with Garlic Butter

For some reason, I expected this dish to taste different than it did. The escargot was VERY salty.. to the point where I don't think I could've eaten it without it sitting on the bread. Even on the bread it was a little salty for my palette, but then again, I did also butter the bread so maybe that added to it as well. Anyways, overall it was pretty yummy. The flavour was very rich... it didn't seem like typical garlic butter but it was still good. 

Terrine de Foie-Gras et Crème Brûlée au Foie-Gras,
Gelée au Sauterne, Toasts
Duo of Foie-Gras Tasting, Foie-Gras Terrine, Foie-Gras Créme Brulée, Icewine Gelée, Toast

Next was my mom's meal. Being the weight-conscious woman that she is she just had the foie-gras tasting appetizer for dinner. It came with this big chunk of foie-gras and also a foie-gras creme brulee and then of course some toaste to accompany it. She absolutely loved this dish. but due to the richness of the flavour and texture of the foie-gras, she needed to clear her palette a little with coffee after finishing off the whole plate. 
When she let me try a piece of the large foie-gras I was very .... confused. It was weird, I couldn't decide whether or not I enjoyed it at all. After several minutes of contemplation, I decided that I liked the taste of it but not the texture. It just felt like I was eating a piece of fat, which is what it basically is. Found out the foie-gras is the fatty liver of a duck. yikes. 
The creme brulee was pretty interesting tasting as well. The best way to describe it is to call it a salty creme brulee. That's pretty much what it is... and instead of caramel, you taste foie-gras LOL. I actually enjoyed the taste of this one though... well... at least better than the chunk. 

Côte de Boeuf Grillée aux Deux Sauces, Béarnaise ou Bordelaise
Grilled Prime Rib of Beef on the bone with Béarnaise or Bordelaise Sauce

My younger sister got the Prime Rib of Beef with Bordelaise sauce. I didn't really get a taste of her prime rib (because she pretty much devoured that thing like there was no tomorrow...) but the bordelaise sauce... heavenly. It was just absolutely amazing. The perfect amount of thickness and so so rich in flavour. The server described to me that the bordelaise sauce is made of red wine (and some other stuff) and well.... It was absolutely delicious. This dish also came with french fries. 

Nouilles Fraîches au Homard et Crevettes Grillées,
Brunoise de Légumes
Fresh Fettuccine with Lobster Meat and Grilled Tiger Prawns, served with a Brunoise of Vegetables, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil

Finally, onto my meal. Alright let's start off with the fettuccine. Fresh it was, the texture of it was amazing, perfectly el dente. The lobster meat was soaked with flavour but not over-powering the taste of the lobster itself. Tiger prawns were good but definitely weren't as flavourful as the lobster meat. The sauce.... it definitely wasn't what I expected at all....it was sort of... tart? I think I'm so used to (and in love with) italian cuisine and it's amazing selection of pasta sauces, that this one just didn't taste quite right to me. It was very unique, unlike any sauce I've tried. Don't get me wrong though, it was definitely still delicious, I'm just not sure how to describe how it tastes :b

Tartelette au Citron “Brulée” et Sorbet Fruits de la Passion
Sun Burnt Lemon Tart with Passion Fruit Sorbet 

For dessert, I let my little sister decide and she wanted to try the Sun Burnt Lemon Tart with Passion Fruit Sorbet. Best way I can describe how this tastes? A perfect lemon meringue tart. Just like my favorite one from Sweet E's in kerrisdale. But that passion fruit sobet on top.... oh my god. It ties the sour tart together so so well. You just have to try it. You have no idea how amazing it is. If you don't like sour lemony desserts, you won't enjoy it very much. But if you enjoy lemon meringue pies as much as me.... this is a gift sent from heaven. 

And then of course at the end of our meal they brought out the signature le Crocodile chocolates. So cute (: I love them. They were good chocolate too. 

Here's the address and phone number and website for the restaurant. 
If you're looking for a nice place to go for the holiday season and don't mind shelling out a bit on your food, I'd say definitely go check it out. (: 

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