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So I'm going through this "self-healing, self-improvement, reinvention" bender right now. I think it's because I've just been so down in the dumps recently because of my accident and all these other personal health issues, that I really felt like I need a change in my life. Mostly just in my attitude and motivation, I've really felt like I want to just... change. 
It's not the first time I've felt this need, but this time I REALLY want to, not just take action, but stick with it. I'm naturally such a lazy person that I feel like it's just so easy to fall back into old habits and just be depressed and stay at home all the time and do nothing. So I really want to change that about myself. and just become... better. 

One little thing that I've been doing lately, that I consider a little life hack is watching Ted Talks while I'm doing other things. I have a habit of just keeping something playing while I'm doing my make up, eating, cleaning... or whatever. Usually, that thing is a TV show like Gossip Girl, or Vampire Diaries. Which there's nothing wrong about that. I still love watching these shows. Or in Gossip Girl's case, rewatching.. for the 5th time. But how influential is watching Serena Van Der Woodsen gush over boys, or Blair Waldorf scheme and plot. It's great, and it gives me a lot of joy, BUUUUUUT probably not the best use of my time. 

So, taking a page from my ex-boyfriend's life handbook, I decided to play Ted Talks instead. 

I actually stumbled upon this idea by finishing all the things I wanted to watch on netflix. So I was scrolling and scrolling, and after several unsuccessful minutes of looking for something that interested me, I came upon Ted Talks : Life Hacks. 

I remember watching some Ted Talks episodes with my ex and finding them pretty interesting. SOOOO I started this Life Hacks series. 

The first episode already caught my attention. The first episode was about "faking it til' you make it". Which generally is something I live by, especially in new work environments or interviews or networking events. Yes, being yourself is awesome and you should definitely do it... but sometimes you just need to fake it til' you make it. 

I'm not saying to go about your day pretending to be someone completely different, or being two-faced. I'm just saying, when it's necessary to be confident, or brave, or social (and when you usually aren't any of those things) ... FAKE IT. It helps. It's helped me in many situations, and usually, when I do, the result is better than I even expected it to be. 

Go and search up Ted Talks : Life Hacks on netflix. I swear it's worth your time. I got through several episodes while I was getting done up today for work. And straight up, I actually picked up a few tips here and there that were pretty damn valuable. I think you can even find this particular series of Ted Talks on youtube, incase you don't have access to netflix. 

Try it out, if you don't like it, whatever. But it's working for me, so maybe it'll work for you too. 

Until next time, 

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