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So I thought I would do a little run down of my Autumn 2014, since I pretty was MIA the whole time. So if any of you have seen my previous posts, y'all would know I got into a car accident. All through out the past 2 months I've been dealing with a lot of other personal health issues as well so it was a pretty strange month.
Pretty much what I did all of this Autumn was one of two things. 

1. Stay home and wallowed in my sadness and pain
2. Go out with my friends. 

It felt like such a bipolar month because I was either dying at home and being completely depressed, or I was out stuffing my face or partying. 
Now that Autumn is finally coming to an end, and Winter is starting to roll on in, here's a recap. 
(I'm probably not gunna end up doing an October Favourites because.. well.. it's already the Middle of November. So this is pretty much my replacement for that .)
Girls night! We went to Basil's Pasta Bar in downtown which specializes in 8 dollar build your own pasta dishes ! With that kind of price range obviously I wasn't expecting Top-Grade Italian restaurante pasta but it was still pretty damn delicious. This picture was taken when we went to the movies afterwards to watch intersteller. I had a couple of free movies on my Scene card so I ended up treating them all to movies. Intersteller was AMAZING. If you haven't seen it already, you need to go watch it ASAP. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride. 

1. I've been living off of the Peppermint Mochas from McDonalds. Peppermint Mochas are my favourite seasonal drink at starbucks too, but McDonalds is a little closer to my place, and it's a little cheaper (plus I always have free coffee cards) so I've just been drinking them non-stop. I had no idea they were actually topped off with little tiny candy canes until I was taking this photo! I usually just start downing the drink immediately. How adorable !
2. Went to Thierry with Cathleen one night and I got a little box of Macarons. I definitely still think Thierry makes the best Macarons that I've had so far. Their raspberry one is my favourite!
3. This was my pasta from Basil's Pasta Bar. I got the Penne Arrabiata. It was amazingly tasty and quite a large portion for the price!
4. Had Faubourg for lunch with my mom one afternoon. I got a lemon tart, a LondonFog and of course... more Macarons. 

This was one of those nights that I went out with my friends. We ended up going to Venue that night and one of the guys from my student club at UBC was popping bottles at the VIP table. We weren't sure what our night was gunna turn out to be like but we actually ended up having a lot of fun. 

Another night that we went out is for ManHei's birthday ! (she's the girl on the left beside me). We ended up going to Kobe for her birthday dinner and then to Joe's Apartment for clubbing. 

More pictures with the birthday girl!

And then of course a classic Cora, Cat, and Angel picture. 

1. Popping bottles at Venue. Thank the lord for wealthy friends :b
2. Sleeping in a bed of clouds :3 I actually love waking up to that giant bright window. 
3. Brunch at Acme. this is there fritata styled eggs benedict. Very different , but still delicious. 
4. I made dinner for my friends once. It was a thai styled yellow curry chicken on rice, and then of course a nice glass of Barefoot Moscato. 

Yet another night out photo with my bae... 
I told you I went out a lot...

1. One of my favourite things to eat... Malay Laksa Udon at Deer Garden
2. Loved how my hip tattoo looked with this classic red flannel
3. Sophie's ! their eggs benedict is SOOOO good. not to mention their hotsauce is fucking fantastic as well. 
4. Home made spaghetti bolognese !

Home made chilli

Oh! and I also carved jack-o-laterns.. way to be festive right?

Thought I'd include a little OOTD in here as well. 
Jacket : Garage
Jeans : Garage
Sweater : Thrift
Boots : Lucky Brand
Bag : China
Scarf : LV

K last little food collage !
1. Sushi Maru's Spicy Salmon Sashimi.... oh my god go and try it. it's the Sushi Maru on Oak and 49th. 
2. Homemade breakfast. There was a while where I was waking up really early, and because all my classes were in the afternoon, it gave me time to actually get up and make a delicious and nutritious breakfast for myself !
3. Here's usually what I include in my breakfast 
4. And then, of course, another eggs benedict. This one was from a little cafe down close to English Bay on Davie and Bidwell. I think it was called the red umbrella or something? anyways, it was pretty damn delicious as well. I don't know if you've realized yet but I LOVE breakfast. ESPECIALLY eggs benedict.... mmm yum. 

Hope you guys had a great Autumn. 

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx