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Got off school early today, and my bestfriend and I decided to go explore our city a little. I brought my camera so I can capture our Thirsty Thursday adventures. 

This is our gorgeous Gastown. This place still impresses me every time I visit. I love walking down Water st. during the fall and winter time. It's the way the lights twinkle in the trees, and the antique-y feel of the street lamps... it all just sums up to the coziest holiday vibe. 

Okay, I had to take a picture of this. LAMBORGHINI MERCY, YOUR CHICK SHE'S SO THIRSTY(thursdays). 

Went to visit Gaulder's Mews and Blood Alley. The history of Gastown is so rich and amazing. 
FACT : there used to be jail house in the area, and prisoners were actually executed near by. So the combination of the deaths, and the butchers that would poor buckets of blood down the alley, this alley is named for good reason. 

So because this blog is usually about beauty and fashion and all that jazz, thought I would give you guys a little ootd. 
Sweater : thrifted
Lace Shorts : China
Green Socks : Ardenes
Bootes : Just Fab
Bag : Zara 

And then Bae and I discovered an amazing little hole in the wall called Gringo. If you ever are in Vancouver or you live in Van, you should definitely go check it out. It's in Blood Alley Square. (google it)
and of course, to honour Thirsty Thursday, I had to get myself a lovely alcoholic beverage. (you can tell I don't drink very often just by the fact that I call drinks "alcoholic beverages") 

Anyways, this lovely number is called the Michelada. It's Lager, Tomato and Lime Juice, and a Chili Salt Rim. Pretty yummy. Caesars are one of my favourites so this was purrrrfect. 

and then for food, I got this awesome little deal. Quesadillas and Mexi Rice for 9 bucks. SO good. The Quesadillas are so delicious and heavenly cheesy. And the Mexi Rice ... PERFECTLY seasoned. it was cheap & delicious food heaven.  GO THERE. NOW. 

And then of course walking through vancouver, we had to visit at least ONE head shop. BUT FOR REALS. LOOK AT THESE FUCKING BONGS. WHAT. 

Then we found the gates to hell. It was pretty intense. Think we avoided it for one more day. 

We found this entire alley FILLED with graffiti. So of course we had to take more hipster pictures. 

And that was pretty much our little Thirsty Thursday Adventure. I think I'll be doing more Thirsty Thursdays in the next little while. I'll try to find more cool little places to show you guys, as well as more OOTDS. 

I'll leave you guys with a picture of the view I have when I am waiting for the bus. 

Can you guess which intersection I'm on? 

Until next time lovers, 

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