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Was looking back at my posts and realized I never wrote about this day, so here I am, throwing it back. 
As y'all may or may not know, I'm a part of a student club down at UBC. It's called CCS and we do events, volunteer and some other fun stuff through out the year. At the end of this past summer, our senior adviser, Johnny, invited a bunch of us to enjoy a day out at sea on his beautiful yacht and jet-ski. 
It was honestly such a magical day. Not to mention the perfect ending to my summer. This day was definitely, hands down, the best day of my summer. 

Here's my beautiful friend Jenny sitting on the side of the yacht. The weather was absolutely PERFECT for a day out at sea. It was hot but not scorching, the waters were calm but exciting. 

As we rode away into the waters, I felt all my troubles, stress, and negativity drift further and further away. 

The front of the yacht has this great little area with cushioned padding for lounging around. It was the perfect tanning location. 

Our crew looking out from inside. 

Thankfully I was smart enough to bring my camera that day and I got to take some really amazing snaps. This one is of my friend Brian doing a handstand! Funny thing is, he actually didn't do a very good handstand. But luckily, I snapped the picture at JUST the right time so it looks sick. 

And of course, me being a huge poser, I had to sit at the captain's seat and pretend like I was king of the sea. 

We had a BBQ going, we had drinks, fruits.. You want it? We got it. The captain and Johnny cooked most of the food, and it was absolutely fucking delicious. 

Our little jet-ski ! This one specifically is actually large enough to seat 3 people. Except it made turning a little more difficult when there was actually 3 people on it. I know, because we flipped it at one point. Oops :3

Jetting around on this thing was so much fun. It was my first time jet-skiing and I fell in love with it. The speed, the ocean views, the salty waves.. everything about it is just perfect. 

This picture was taken shortly after Ryan (the guy infront of me) threw us off the jet-ski. He was pushing the limits and decided to make too sharp of a turn and we got thrown into the ocean, far away from the Jet-ski. Thankfully I had a life-jacket on because (fact) I CANNOT SWIM. It took him seconds to swim back to the jet-ski and I was struggling the whole way back. I was probably in the water for a full 4-5 minutes before I finally somehow made my way back. What's worst? He was just sitting on the jet-ski laughing at me the entire time. SOME friend. >:(

Yeah I'm sitting on the back of the jet-ski in both the above photos, but I swear I got to drive it. 

Here's a picture of me and my bae. I've talked about Cathleen in some of my previous posts, and this is her ! 

Being the cuties that we are, obviously we had to pull out the classic Titanic scene at the front of the yacht. Much cute, so romance. 

AAAANNND of course I had to include a typical "look at my legs and the view" photo. 

This picture is a little blurry but I thought it was an awesome shot nonetheless. It was actually screen shotted from a snapchat video one of my friends took. But seriously, how cool of a photographer do I look like? 

Anna, another fellow CCS had her camera on-board as well, and she takes beautiful pictures. She took a lot of candids of everyone and that's where most of these pictures of me are from. The pictures on this post is probably half hers half mine. Thought I would try to include as many pictures as possible considering how special and memorable this little party was. 

The three musketeers enjoying the waters. 

Another couple of cool shots by Anna. I wish she could just follow me around all day and take pictures for me. I would have way better posts on here if that was the case :<

I adore this picture she took of me. How my tattoo looks, the lighting, my hair.. everything. I swear I've posted this probably on every social media platform I own by now LOL

Here's our captain. Not gunna lie, he's a total cutie. AND he cooks, AND he knows how to drive a yacht, AND he fishes, AND did I mention he's cute? 

Here's some of the crew that was with us on the yacht. 

And the GIRLS. Can't help but to feel some serious girl power everytime I look at these photos. WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS. GIRLS. 

God, how I want to re-experience this day. Everything about it was breathtaking. I can't wait until next summer so we could do this again. That day not only relieved all my stress and worries but also just reminded me of how totally blessed I am. Having the connections and friends that I do, and being a part of something that could make THIS happen. Makes me feel pretty damn good about my life. 

More soon, 

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx