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Jacket : boutique in hk || Shorts : same boutique || Bag : Rebecca Minkoff || Shoes : I was wearing Jordans || Shirt : Winners
Last weekend, I went on a trip with a group of friends to seattle to watch the Drake VS. Lil Wayne concert in Auburn, Washington. We stayed in West Seattle just because we thought that it would be a little more convenient for any shopping, eating, and adventure needs we may have. I wish I took some pictures of the little house we stayed in (thanks steve for letting us rent out your beautiful home for the weekend!) because it was the most perfect, adorable, little character home. I definitely should've taken more pictures in general of my little weekend adventure, but I was too busy enjoying the little getaway, so this is all you get ! 

A little OOTD intermission for y'all. I didn't get a proper picture of any of my outfits (this picture is actually the best one) because I was busy snapping pictures for my friends, but this is better than nothing right? 
Jacket : a little boutique in HK
shorts : ^ same boutique. 
Bag : Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes : I was wearing Jordans 
Shirt : Winners (you'll see a bit of it in pictures below)

After we got all settled in and unpacked, we went to go look for food. We drove along Alki ave, and found this cute little Fish & Chips place by the beach. We all got fish and chips to-go and brought it to the beach to eat. 

Took everyone forever to find parking, but here's the crew rolling in after 30 minutes of driving around. 

Btw, most of these pictures are just going to be of my friends. Like I said, I was busy paparazzi-ing my friends so this is what y'all get. But seriously, look at my very stylish friends. 

Eating on the beach ! The clam chowder in a bread bowl was AMAZING. definitely check out Spud Fish & Chips if you're in Seattle. I think the fact that it's right by the beach makes it that much more appealing and delicious. 

Our amazing Lunch view. I don't know what it is, but the waters in Seattle just looks way more blue than the waters in Vancouver. What's going on Van? Get your shit together. 

Had some left over bread, so of course the 5 year old in me ran to go feed the seagulls that were circling our little picnic. I also made friends with this kid that was also feeding birds. We shared bread and a bond. It was cute. 

Awkwardly trying to blend in with these kids. They were so cute I wanted to take them home. (but not actually, please don't arrest me.)

So here's adorable couple number one. These are my friends, Max and Linda. They are fucking adorable. Their love gives me hope. But also make me really jealous and sad. 

Another picture of the guys in our crew. Goofy ass motherfuckers. Great crew to be in Seattle with though. 

Later that night, we had Crab Pot for dinner, down at Pike Place Market. I've had it before with my family so I knew what I wanted to get. I had tried the whole bucket of seafood deal before so this time I decided to try their pasta instead. I ordered the Blackened Seafood Tortellini in Rose Sauce. The Rose Sauce was average, kind of tasted like generic grocery store bought rose sauce, but the tortellini was el dante, the salmon was AMAZING (I love blackened anything... mmm cajun) so overall, I still enjoyed my meal a lot. 

The next day we went back by the beach to eat at this restaurant called Cactus. It serves the most amazing mexican food. I think out all the food I had in Seattle, Cactus was definitely my favourite one. I'll put the link here so you can go check it out. Anyways, we went by the beach again and took more quirky pictures. More pictures of the loving couple except you can witness the goofiness of the rest of the guys first hand in these ones. 

Some more goofy photos for y'all except with me in them this time ! 

Hi (:

And of course, the classic mean muggin' group pic. 

Here's one of the EX and I. We're friends now (:

And then one of the girls ! From left to right, Me, Linda, and Kim. 
if y'all was wondering, the second day I wore
Cardigan : H&M
Tank Top : Zara
Jeans : BDG (urban outfitters)
Flats : China

Me and gorgeous Linda at Cactus. 

Leave you guys with a picture of Camwhoring at it's best. 
Hope y'all are having an amazing day.

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Angel, xx