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I don't know how it happened, but some how while waiting for my friends to pick up their starbucks order, I wandered into MAC and purchased two new eyeshadows. 

But now i have two new beautiful eyeshadows to play around with :3
I bought Deep Damson and Soft Brown. 

I originally was planning to buy Soft Brown and Sketch because some how in every youtube video I watch, everyone uses and swears by these two colours. 

Soft Brown is said to be the perfect transitional colour for all skin tones and Sketch is a beautiful plummy, burgundy crease colour. 
As beautiful as sketch was in real life, I've been really into matte eyeshadows, especially after receiving the Naked Basics palette for my birthday from my adorable little sister. So I decided to ask the MAC girl for an eyeshadow that's similar to Sketch in colour but instead has a matte finish. We looked around for a bit until we found Deep Damson which is also that same purple-y, plummy, burgundy colour. She told me that's it's actually one of their newer eyeshadows. I was pretty much sold right away. 

After going home I was KINDA regretting not buying sketch which i've wanted for a really long time. But I played around with the colours a little bit and ohhh man. I'm in love. 

This whole MAC thing is definitely starting to feel like an addiction. 
I've been playing around with these colours for a couple of days now and I've pretty much discovered a new everyday make up look 
I'll put up a video soon, BUT thought I would share first and let you guys know about these amazing eyeshadows that should DEFINITELY be a staple in everyone's makeup collection

Lots of love, 

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