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So here is by far the most exciting thing I had purchased on my trip down to the states. I've been wanting these babies for the LONGEST time but have been holding out on them because I really cannot be spending 150+ on shoes right now. BUT, I found these babies at the seattle premium outlet for 94 dollars... and hell did it make me holla. I bought a size 6 1/2 and they still fit a little loose (i'm usually an 7 1/2 or 8) but i dont care (: they're perfect. sometimes I just sit and stare at them I swear... they are just so beautiful.

Seriously though, everything about them are just perfect. I've already scuffed them up the littlest bit, but I think with time, the scuffy worn-outness will give it more character than it already does.. WHICH I DIDNT EVEN THINK WAS POSSIBLE. 
yeah... i'm in love. 

 Outfit Details : 
Varsity Jacket : Nike
Shirt : Zara
Camo Pants : Urban Behaviour
Bag : Marc Jacobs

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