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Nightclass 2013


So if you're not an asian living in vancouver, you probably don't know this, but every year Envy and a bunch of the university social clubs host this big event called Nightclass. 
It's pretty much a huge party for first years (and older if they wanted to) to party. anyways, yeah since i'm finally a first year (and i mean FINALLY) decided to see what it was like this year (: I'm not gunna lie, it's known to be fun, but a little bit of a bust cause something always happens and it gets shut down.. but yeah this year it was.. fun but meh. but yanno what? I had fun anyways. I always have fun (:
This is the president of CCS (: haha, but he got WAAASTED at this thing. I guess there's a good reason to why he's presi. 

The lights and set up by Entity was amazing. the lazers... unf. the DJs weren't bad too. It was definitely something I had to go to atleast once :b

Here's a picture of one of the DJs that were spinning that nighht

This boy doe. that's all i'm gunna say about that.

Saw so many people I know ahaha but it's probably cause most of the people there were my age. But yeah here we go, here's one of my friends from SFU (: Wenny
btw please ignore the fact that I've got my eyes closed in like everyone of these pictures LOL that's my go to "i know i'll look ugly otherwise" pose for when im drunk. yeup yeup. 
Hope you guys had just as great of a friday night as i did (:

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx