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Halloween @ celebs


unfortunately, this year halloween decided to fall on a thursday ): It makes things extremely awkward because thursday is closer to the weekend after halloween instead of the weekend before, so that means by the time halloween is ACTUALLY here, everyone has celebrated it already ! This year I celebrated my halloween with my fellow CCS friends at celebrities night club. It was actually a total blast and I had loads of fun. the club was only moderately packed compared to how its like on a infamous celebs tuesday, but i kinda preferred it that way. it was nice because I atleast at room to breathe on the dance floor haha.
Anyways, this year I dressed up as the queen of hearts. I really didn't put much effort into it, I just put on this cute little dress, and called it a year... I mean I was going clubbing, not to a themed house party so whatever, girls just wanted to look cute or hot anyways LOL
On actual halloween (which is tomorrow) I'm going to the Kanye and Kendrick concert.... I'm actually beyond excited for it... although it really isn't a halloween-y event, it's still gunna be a fuckin good time.

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