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My two cents on fuck buddies


   So recently I've decided I'm going to really re-vamp my blog and give it the extra 'pop' that it needs. Whether that's the 20 bucks I spent on a new theme (which I hope y'all are loving as much as I am) or writing posts that are actually informative and interesting, I'm gunna do it all. 
I really do want to get more serious about my blogging, but I really haven't figured out how up until now. 

   But after reading HUSH magazine all day today, I really got inspired by their RAW material. It's really given me a different outlook on what I want my blog to be about. And well... I want it to be about me, essentially. I want it to represent me for exactly who I am (and maybe a little of who I want to be). I want it to be an inside look at what goes on in my mind. I want it to ooze me. Is that so much to ask for? 

   Anyways, enough with the logistics, I'm just going to jump right in on a topic that I used to question, but I have experienced... pretty fully. 

fuck buddies.

It seems like a pretty fool-proof plan right? Mutually using someone for sex? I mean.. everyone has their needs, and when those needs haven't been fulfilled for a while... well... people get desperate. But it's true what they say... all good things come to an end. And so will this. I mean maybe, maybe, you'll get lucky and some how work something out that doesn't fall apart into a million pieces. But the odds usually just aren't in your favour when it comes to this. Things tend to get messier than the bedsheets you ruined in the process. Feeling get hurt, relationships ruined... it's just not a pretty picture. 

How do I know this? well.. from experience. 
As this article from HUSH magazine states... there are a few different candidates that can be chosen to be your lucky new sex toy. 

THE EX : I've had an ex for a sex buddy. I think I was lying to myself from the get-go with this one though. I told myself "yeah.. I have needs... needs that he knows exactly how to fulfill. So this seems perfect! we're broken up, it's a mutual agreement.. and of course this will only prove (to him and to me) that I don't love him anymore !" 

And boy how I was wrong. It's almost an impossible task not to rekindle old feelings when you have sex with an ex. I mean, let's be real here. You have dated this person before. You guys used to hold hands, make love, cuddle.. the whole ordeal. So shouldn't it be obvious that repeating even one of these activities will re-trigger feelings that you thought were long gone? Well that's what happened to me. NOT cuddling with him after sex was near impossible. And after a while, I lost sight of whether I was fucking him because my vagina wanted the D, or because I wanted him. Not good, I tell you. Before you make the decision to fuck the ex... please remember that he's an ex for a reason. 

THE BRO : Okay, I'll admit... I've actually made this mistake on two separate occasions. Thankfully one of the times, I was actually able to save my friendship. The other time? Not so much. 
So you know how it goes, you're chilling with one of your bros (that you tell absolutely everything to) one day, and you come across the discussion of your dry-spells. "Man I haven't gotten it in months," He'll say. And then.. some how, magically, he didn't seem so ... plain anymore. And the thought of him getting it in, well it's making your stomach churn, in a good way. So you offer him a propositions. Let's be "friends with benefits" (you'll call it FWB instead of fuck buddies because, well, you guys are friends). What could possibly go wrong ! It's seems perfect. It didn't work out with the ex because we previously had feelings.. but I've never had a relationship (cough baggage) with my bro ! We could just hang out like we always do, but with the added benefit of jumping each other's bones !
Let me just be straight forward with you... NO. DON'T DO IT. 

Unless you want to 
a. potentially fall for your 'bro'
b. potentially date your 'bro'
c. potentially break his heart
d. completely and utterly destroy your friendship forever.

I know what you're thinking. Well what if it turns out to be something beautiful?! Just like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in the very appropriate movie 'Friends With Benefits'. 
Well, here's something that if you don't know, you must have been living under a rock or be max. 13 years old. LIFE IS NOT A FUCKING MOVIE. It rarely EVER turns out like it does in the movies ! And let me tell you.. dating your bestfriend/bro? been there done that. twice. And 1 out of the 2 times I've lost that person completely from my life. (I got extremely lucky the other time, but even so, our relationship will never be the same again). So conclusion is? if you don't want to lose this 'bro' from your life? Don't fuck him. 

The moral of the story ? fuck buddies just don't work. I mean maybe if you had a stranger as a fuck buddy? maybe? but even then it is inevitable for something to arise out of it. Sex brings emotions, and connection, and feelings (ew). It's just how we are. But I mean, if you don't believe me, you're more than welcome to try it out yourself. Why live through me right? This is not me telling you NOT to (even though I direct said 'no' several times during this article), this is just me being a loving pal, giving you some warning. Just letting you know my experiences so that you can get a better idea about whether to proceed with yours. 

Anyways, that is all my lovers. 
To all my sexy ladies out there, fuck on. & don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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