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Haul ! New products to try out (and maybe reviews soon?)


So I randomly decided I would go for a walk and I just so happened to find my self at the drugstore ! (except the "walk" was only just an excuse for me to pop by the drugstore for makeup..)
BUT ANYWAYS, I picked a few new items to try out and so I thought I would do a mini haul just to show you guys what to be expecting a review about soon ! 

Prestige Mascara | Real technique brushes | Freeman Dead Sea Minerals mask

I was going through the clearance bins and found this little number.. 
TWO MASCARAS IN ONE ! I heard about these prestige mascaras (particularly the my BIGGEST lashes) and that they were quite good. So imagine how excited I got when I saw this two-for-one deal ! Comes with the BIGGEST lashes as well as a WATERPROOF lashes ! the waterproof one will be good for my up-coming after prom since I will definitely be dancing the night away (: I can't wait to try these (even though I have 4 other mascaras open at the moment... uhmmmm) Keep your eyes peeled for a video about them soon !  

The last thing I got was this Freeman Anti-stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask. I've heard a lot about these masks by freeman, and they have such a large selection of them at london drugs (to be honest, I wanted to buy them all). And they're only 5 bucks ! how could I resist ! I definitely will be going back and buying more , (I might ACTUALLY buy all of them.... slight addiction). I tried this one out tonight and it left my skin feeling pretty smooth afterwards. My skin did feel a bit tight immediately afterwards but it went away in a few minutes. I don't LOVE it yet, but it seems to be going good. I'm going to try this out a few more times before giving you guys a better review on them ! 

Anyways, that is all, seriously keep your eyes peeled for reviews ! I have a feeling they're gunna be good ones !!

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Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment ! Hope you're having an amazing day (:

Angel, xx