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Got to try out the Yaletown Brewing Company for my friend's big one-nine this past weekend.
Before this, I actually never ate here before.. wasn't sure what to expect, but from the name I was thinking "just another casual dining place". It was quite a casual setting, with casual menu items (burgers, one steak, mac and cheese, roast beef etc.) but with quite pricey numbers behind them. Thought it might have been just because it was located in the prestigious Yaletown, but that definitely wasn't the only reason why.

The food was FUCKING DELICIOUS. Pretty much everyone got different dishes so I got to try out a bunch of the dishes on the menu. Didn't get to try the steak though, because nobody ordered the one steak on the menu, but everything else was magical. I personally ordered the mac and cheese with chorizo and it was absolutely delicious. And not to mention super filling. 
Some of the dishes looked like they had quite small portions, but by the end everyone's meal, we were pretty much all VERY full, and VERY VERY satisfied. 
Another dish that I ordered (and shared with the rest of the table) was the Potatas Bravas. Not sure if that was the exact spelling but you get the idea. Man it was one of the best potato appetizers I've ever tried. I HIGHLY recommend it.
Birthday Girl (:
This picture pretty much defines me.

All in all, it was a great night, with great food, and some great company. 

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