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So I've got a drugstore blush review for you guys, and trust me, it's a good one. 
These gorgeous blushes that come in this amazing packaging are the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushes. 

I've only tried the above two colours so far, and will probably go buy the other ones as well. These are such amazing blushes for the price. I don't remember the exact price I bought these for, but I know they were definitely under $10, and maybe even under $6. Pretty damn good for a blush if you ask me. And the thing about these blushes is that they aren't your shitty, chalky, drugstore blushes. These are BOMB. Super pigmented and just overall great quality blushes. 

The packaging is great, very cute and greatly resembles the infamous benefits box blushes. I don't really care that they packaging is duping the benefit ones though, it's a great design so why not !
As you can see above though, I accidentally destroyed on of them ): Hot Flash was the first one that I bought, and although it was amazing it just wasn't my colour, so I didn't use it very often. And then, during my move, I dropped it and this horror happened. It didn't break my heart that much though 1. because it wasn't my colour, and 2. it was cheap sooooooo yeah. 
However, Spicy & Sweet is a different story. It's a beautiful colour, suits my skintone sooo well, and I absolutely love it. 

If you have the chance to check out these blushes, definitely give them a try. Super affordable, super pigmented, beautiful colours, and just overall great blushes. 

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